dingostats weekly-12/25/15

Ho ho ho.



Arsenal and Empoli are new title holders. Can anyone keep them for at least a month?

Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Arsenal Arsenal Empoli
Next Opp S’hampton(A) S’hampton(A) Inter(A)
Date 26-Dec 26-Dec 6-Jan
Lose? 27% 27% 42%




Methodology: dingoT uses 6 different inputs ranging from ELO ratings to market values. The weight of inputs change as season progresses to reduce the importance of forward looking metrics such as betting odds in favor of actual achievements.



Merry new year for Spurs fans. You are back in top 16 after a while. For ManU fans it’s deja three as the club drops out of 100+ club around mid season for the third year in a row. Coach change is would be really helpful in our opinion as a dingoach top 5 manager has just been fired.


Rank Team Points
1 Barcelona 142.0
2 Real Madrid 134.2
3 Bayern 133.9
4 Juventus 115.4
5 Paris SG 115.4
6 Atlético 115.3
7 Man City 112.3
8 Chelsea 107.5
9 Arsenal 106.1
10 Dortmund 105.6
11 Man United 99.0
12 Napoli 98.8
13 Porto 97.5
14 Sevilla 96.0
15 Leverkusen 94.7
16 Tottenham 94.1


No dingoW’s just EPL games.



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