dingostats weekly- 12/4/15

First of all, I would like to thank WordPress fro making their site unusable. It is free so I will shut up.



Bayern who took over from Olympiakos is going to keep for a long time. My guess March. Napoli can’t keep on winning.


Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Bayern Bayern Napoli
Next Opp Gladbach(A) Gladbach(A) Bologna(A)
Date 5-Dec 5-Dec 6-Dec
Lose? 11% 11% 15%



Methodology: dingoT uses 6 different inputs ranging from ELO ratings to market values. The weight of inputs change as season progresses to reduce the importance of forward looking metrics such as betting odds in favor of actual achievements.

Big news is Bayern jumps to 2nd overtaking Real. How is the Rafa experiment going Flo? Valencia also dropped out of top 16 which they are planning to stop with the appointment of a rookie British manager. I’m sure it will work. On the top 32 front Fenerbahce sneaks back in and I’m depressed.

Rank Team Points
1 Barcelona 139.9
2 Bayern 136.0
3 Real Madrid 134.4
4 Juventus 115.6
5 Paris SG 115.5
6 Man City 112.2
7 Atlético 110.1
8 Chelsea 109.8
9 Arsenal 107.0
10 Dortmund 106.0
11 Man United 102.2
12 Napoli 99.2
13 Porto 98.0
14 Sevilla 95.4
15 Liverpool 94.7
16 Leverkusen 93.3




Methodology: Using dingoT to rate games on 2 metrics – quality (ie. 1 vs 2 is higher than 8 vs 9) and competitiveness (ie. 16 vs 17 is higher than 1 vs 32) to combine into one rating. 75+ games are listed.


12/5/15- Saturday

9:30am Borussia M’gladbach vs Bayern München: 86

12:30pm Wolfsburg vs Borussia Dortmund: 83

2:30pm Valencia vs Barcelona: 88


12/8/15- Tuesday

2:45pm Wolfsburg vs Manchester United: 82

2:45pm Benfica vs Atlético Madrid: 85

2:45pm Manchester City vs Borussia M’gladbach: 75

2:45pm Sevilla vs Juventus: 87


12/9/15- Wednesday

2:45pm Bayer Leverkusen vs Barcelona: 88

2:45pm Chelsea vs Porto: 86



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