dingostats weekly- 10/23/15- Q Awards

By our calculation quarter of the season is over so we will be handing out a few quarterly awards based on dingoT:


Methodology: dingoT uses 6 different inputs ranging from ELO ratings to market values. The weight of inputs change as season progresses to reduce the importance of forward looking metrics such as betting odds in favor of actual achievements.

1 Barcelona 140.8
2 Real Madrid 134.8
3 Bayern 134.1
4 Atlético 114.1
5 Paris SG 113.4
6 Juventus 111.9
7 Man City 111.9
8 Chelsea 110.8
9 Arsenal 107.1
10 Dortmund 106.7
11 Man United 103.1
12 Porto 100.7
13 Sevilla 96.6
14 Napoli 96.4
15 Valencia 95.8
16 Wolfsburg 95.0

Most dingoT Points Gained: PSG. Those sneaky French. They are quietly becoming very dominant. They started the year with a very respectable 107.6 points at 8th and went up to 113.4 already (5th). More of the same means they should be in semifinals in CL this year.

Highest Jumper: Olympiakos. I have my eyes on you Marco Silva. 38 year old manager had a great start of season with the Greek side taking them from NR(Not Ranked) to 26th. Considering state of Greek economy they are doing pretty well.

Most dingoT Points Lost: Liverpool. It is not just the manager; the team is a mess. Painful to watch, we all hope Klopp can create a good side. Good news for Klopp is that they already lost 7.3 points this year dropping from 13th to 21st.

Biggest Loser: Monaco. Went from 24th to NR. And Ligue 1 went from boring to most boring.


Olympiakos and Napoli going very strong.

Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Olympiakos Olympiakos Napoli
Next Opp Atromitos(A) Atromitos(A) Chievo(A)
Date 25-Oct 25-Oct 25-Oct
Lose? 17% 17% 21%



Methodology: Using dingoT to rate games on 2 metrics – quality (ie. 1 vs 2 is higher than 8 vs 9) and competitiveness (ie. 16 vs 17 is higher than 1 vs 32) to combine into one rating. 75+ games are listed.


10:05am Manchester United vs Manchester City: 89

3:30pm Atlético Madrid vs Valencia: 84


3:30pm Wolfsburg vs Bayern München: 88 (Pokal)


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