dingoach- 10+1 under 50

11 managers with highest dingoach career ELO’s under 50 (as of 1/1/16). Dominated by Iberians. Every passing day I am more and more intrigued by the Portuguese approach to soccer development. It is not only bringing South Americans over; the scouting system all over the world, giving a chance to very young managers (Look at AVB and Marco Silva of Olympiakos). I hope someone publishes a study or (even better) a book on the subject.

Unai Emery 761 44
Pep Guardiola 645 44
Diego Simeone 522 45
Jürgen Klopp 491 48
André Villas-Boas 383 38
Thomas Tuchel 211 42
Luis Enrique 209 45
Leonid Slutskiy 190 44
Massimiliano Allegri 175 48
Marco Silva 171 38
Mauricio Pochettino 164 43

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