dingoach- take 2

On my initial take of dingoach, I was trying to marry longevity of the career with success. For example Sir Ferguson would get a multiplier as his career was more like 3 careers at the high level, hence more credit. Yet as I thought more about my approach I decided it would be wiser to divide the rating into two. First is per game rating and the other one a total career Elo.  A third approach would be adjusting for opposition strength which would help coaches from lesser leagues but it is very time consuming and I do not like time consumption. Again all the data from clubelo.com. The upside of this exercise has been reading about many coaches I did not know about. Oh Klopp; +488 and 0.90 per game. But if I did it the more accurate manner considering he spent time in Bundesliga 2 it would be +692 and 1.28. Very decent compared to Rodgers +180 and 0.65.

Total ELO

Alex Ferguson 1990
Carlo Ancelotti 1502
Arsène Wenger 1419
José Mourinho 1275
Jupp Heynckes 1267
Bobby Robson 1228
Fabio Capello 1202
Giovanni Trapattoni 1164
Brian Clough 1065
Udo Lattek 1046

Per Game ELO

Diego Simeone 2.52
Pep Guardiola 2.14
Molowny 2.11
José Mourinho 2.03
Manuel Pellegrini 2.02
José Villalonga 1.93
Cestmir Vycpalek 1.91
Dino Zoff 1.86
Fabio Capello 1.84
Joe Fagan 1.81

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