dingoR Projections 15/16


Arsenal 83
Chelsea 81
City 76
United 74
Liverpool 66
Spurs 61
Everton 56
S’hampton 51
Swansea 51
CP 48
Stoke 46
WHU 45
LC 44
Newcastle 41
B’Mouth 40
Watford 38
WBA 38
AV 37
Sunderland 36
Norwich 35

Arsenal wins if healthy. Chelsea wins if Chelsea is healthy and Arsenal is not especially if they buy Stones. If neither is unhealthy ManCity wins.

ManU, Liverpool and Spurs are boring. You can read some other preview.

Southampton. For me the big loss is Forster as Stekelenburg has not been EPL standard in a while. Also Europa League and Schneiderlin.

I read all the shot based stuff about Swansea. we’ll see if it has anything to do with talent and game states or they will return to mediocrity as many in analyst community expects.

WHU got a boost by being kicked out of EL.

Leicester, I am surprised by how pessimist everyone is. Foreign coaches are horrible I guess.

At the bottom I wish dingoR had Pulis effect as WBA will probably better than I expect. Is Watford QPR as markets expect? or is it Udinese/Granada?


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