dingostats weekly- 05/17/15


Chelsea still holds Helmond and dingoB. Sandeman is now in Wales.

Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Chelsea Chelsea Swansea
Next Opp WBA(A) WBA(A) M.City(A)
Date 18-May 18-May 17-May
Lose? 24% 24% 55%


Methodology: dingoT uses 6 different inputs ranging from ELO ratings to market values. The weight of inputs change as season progresses to reduce the importance of forward looking metrics such as betting odds in favor of actual achievements.

Finally we have a new no.1. Yes, you guessed it right. The only one of the big 3 that did not hold dingoT no.1 spot since its beginnings. With both Real and Bayern out of CL, it is almost sure thing that they will finish the year at the top. In other news Juve jumps to no.5 but it will require them to win the CL to get ahead of Atletico as well. La Liga is just too good.

Rank Team Points
1 Barcelona 140.4
2 Real Madrid 137.2
3 Bayern 128.4
4 Atlético 119.2
5 Juventus 116.9
6 Chelsea 114.7
7 Paris SG 108.3
8 Man City 108.0
9 Arsenal 105.2
10 Sevilla 102.7
11 Man United 100.8
12 Valencia 100.0
13 Dortmund 99.6
14 Porto 98.8
15 Benfica 97.5
16 Leverkusen 96.8


Methodology: Using dingoT to rate games on 2 metrics – quality (ie. 1 vs 2 is higher than 8 vs 9) and competitiveness (ie. 16 vs 17 is higher than 1 vs 32) to combine into one rating.

This becomes a bit more meaningless as the year ends as many teams have nothing to play for.


11:00am Manchester United vs Arsenal: 86

1:00pm Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona: 98


2:45pm Juventus vs Lazio: 75


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