dingoR partnership- What? Why? Who?

I definitely underestimated the interest in analytical soccer models. Earlier today, I tweeted that I was looking to partner with someone to automate dingoR and make both formula and results public on a weekly basis. I do not see myself devote too much time to calculations going forward but also do not want it to go to waste and would like to see the results. I was hoping a couple of people would be interested but turns out a lot more are curious. So I will answer FAQ:

What is dingoR?

First of all, the name stays as dingoR, that is not open for discussion.

dingoR’s inspiration was  basketball possession models. it tries to display a player’s effectiveness by how he gains/uses possession. Basically it assumes that player who shoots 7 times a game and turns the ball over 4 times to score 1 goal a game is worse than another player who takes 4 shots and only has 1 turnover to score 1 goal. relevant actions are calculated in terms of possession gained/lost. Finally  everything is converted into net goals per 90 minutes or net points.  The amount of data required is not too much; the model considers a lot of the data irrelevant. A very good website that does it for basketball is :


But of course the sophistication can be much much reduced.

Why are you looking for a partner?

1- Not enough time for me to look after it.

2-To make the model public to improve it over time.

3-I have subpar computer skills so I can’t automate anything.

4-My interests are personal and not professional and financial. So if you think you’ll get rich using dingoR by betting don;t apply because I am not interested in that.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Someone who is very interested in soccer and soccer analytics. Good computer skills are a requirement as it is one area I can’t help in this partnership. If your ultimate goal is to work in industry it would be a good introduction for a student. if you already have a website devoted to sports analytics even better. I am not sure how long the work would require initially to automate (scrap and calculate) but on an ongoing basis I do not envision it to take a lot of time at all but what do I know? I can cover basic costs but this is not a paid position – just looking for a similar minded individual(s) to share my work.

Thanks everyone for your interest.


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