Turkish League dingoRs

After 15 games Turkish League MVP is Volkan Babacan of IBB who conceded just 6 goals in 15 games. WhoScored provides Turkish league numbers and in the interest of time I simplified dingoR a little bit. To refresh, dingoR is a possession based metric that allocates points gained to each player. Lack of good midfielders stand out when compared to other leagues. Here are the points contributions so far:


Pos Player Team Points
GK Volkan IBB 9.7
DL Anil Erciyes 3.1
DC Epureanu IBB 5.6
DC Medjani TS 3.8
DR Ugur IBB 2.3
ML Bakambu Bursa 3.5
MC Belluschi Bursa 2.8
MC Topal FB 2.7
MR Olcay BJK 2.4
FW Gekas Akh 6.2
FW Fernandão Bursa 5.0
FW Burak GS 4.5
D Chedjou GS 3.8
M Irfan Gencler 2.7
GK Tolga BJK 5.5






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