dingostats weekly- handybook edition


2 changes.1 big and 1 small. In Sandeman-land,  Karabukspor finally relented and lost to St.Etienne. Tough one ahead for them though as they go the capital to play to PSG. In Helmond Cup,  Middlesbrough brought the title back to the Championship. They should be safe keeping that this weekend against Reading.


Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Middlesbrough Swansea St.Etienne
Next Opp Reading(H) WBA(H) PSG(A)
Date 30-Aug 30-Aug 31-Aug
Lose? 19% 22% 61%



CL draw and perceived strengths of groups had an effect on some teams’ forward looking metrics(such as odds to win CL). Therefore some(especially Man. City and Roma) got punished while helping others such as Chelsea and Benfica. Leverkusen which replaced Zenit in the rankings is playing a very exciting style of football but can they keep that up all season long?


Rank Team Points Change
1 Real Madrid 136.8 (-)
2 Bayern 133.7 (-)
3 Barcelona 131.0 (-)
4 Chelsea 117.1 (+1)
5 Man City 115.7 (-1)
6 Atlético 114.9 (+1)
7 Dortmund 113.2 (-1)
8 Juventus 111.7 (-)
9 Paris SG 107.1 (-)
10 Man United 105.8 (+2)
11 Liverpool 105.0 (-1)
12 Arsenal 104.0 (-1)
13 Porto 98.0 (-)
14 Benfica 97.5 new
15 Leverkusen 95.4 new
16 Tottenham 95.4 (-2)




Don’ look ahead people, stupid International break is upon us next weekend. I hate those. But this weekend there are some good games:


08/30/14- Sat.


12:30pm Everton vs Chelsea: 84

12:30pm Schalke 04 vs Bayern München: 84


Get that remote.


08/31/14- Sun


8:30am Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool: 82


If you are bored in the afternoon catch Barcelona and RM games as they scored 74 and are highly watchable.







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