dingostats weekly – jackson hole edition

As the central bankers meet in Wyoming, I wonder if a select few are comparing notes on their predictions for the new European soccer season. If FIFA were a bunch of central bankers we would have got rid of the offside rule after a few 0-0 games.


What great results from Karbukspor and Swansea. They beat St. Etienne ans Man Utd to hold on to their lineal titles. Nothing like title game to get the underdogs fighting.

Check Preston NE logo below; a sheep holding a cross; Christopher Hitchens would have been proud.


Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Preston NE Swansea Karabukspor
Next Opp Oldham(H) Burnley(H) St.Etienne(A)
Date 23-Aug 23-Aug 28-Aug
Lose? 18% 20% 63%





Not many changes yet. Zenit is in replacing Napoli which has a tough challenge ahead against Bilbao to go through to group stages of CL after a a 1-1 draw home. Porto is trying to sneak up to the elite group above.


Rank Team Points Change
1 Real Madrid 136.3 (-)
2 Bayern 132.6 (-)
3 Barcelona 129.3 (-)
4 Man City 118.3 (-)
5 Chelsea 116.0 (-)
6 Dortmund 115.1 (-)
7 Atlético 114.0 (-)
8 Juventus 109.8 (-)
9 Paris SG 108.5 (-)
10 Liverpool 106.2 (+1)
11 Arsenal 106.1 (+1)
12 Man United 105.8 (-2)
13 Porto 98.5 (-)
14 Tottenham 95.8 (-)
15 Roma 95.8 (+1)
16 Zenit 95.6 new


What to Watch


Finally some games worth really watching and one not to miss. All times EST.


Aug 23, Sat

12:30pm Everton vs Arsenal: 80

12:30pm Borussia Dortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen: 80


Aug 25, Mon

3:00pm Manchester City vs Liverpool : 90







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