dingostats Weekly- 8/15/14

This year I decided to trim the dingostats weekly a little bit to make it easier on the reader and of course myself. Like last year first, we’ll have the lineal cups followed by dingoT (only 16 teams though). Country rankings will not be published on a weekly basis but only when there is a ranking change in top 4. Finally, what to watch(dingoW) will only have games over 75 points. Finally, bonus pieces will not feature but will be published as separate articles.




Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Holder Scunthorpe U Swansea Karabukspor
Next Opp Preston NE ManU(A) St.Etienne(H)
Date 16-Aug 16-Aug 21-Aug
Lose? 41% 69% 50%




Rank Team Points
1 Real Madrid 135.8
2 Bayern 132.9
3 Barcelona 128.8
4 Man City 118.6
5 Chelsea 116.4
6 Dortmund 114.4
7 Atlético 113.3
8 Juventus 110.0
9 Paris SG 107.9
10 Man United 107.0
11 Liverpool 106.6
12 Arsenal 106.1
13 Porto 97.2
14 Tottenham 97.0
15 Napoli 96.8
16 Roma 96.3


Not too many changes at the very top.  Ranks 13-16 have been revamped though. Benfica which broke into the elite group(no.4-12) last year has dropped to no.18 after selling half it squad. Spurs, Napoli and Roma are newcomers into top 16 replacing Schalke and Sevilla.  (Galatasaray still at no.31)




. #Teams (top 32) #Points
Spa 7 38.3
Eng 7 31.9
Germ 5 25.2
Ita 6 18.6
Fra 2 6.4
Por 2 6.2
Ukr 1 2.8
Rus 1 2.8
Tur 1 1.8


Not much change from last year. EPL is a bit closer to La Liga but that might be the usual English pre-tournament optimism.



No 75+ games yet but here is how many to expect this year from each league (CL is around ~40 and EL just a few)


Eng 38
Germ 11
Spa 9
Ita 9
Fra 1
Por 1

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