Tournament Predictions- Early Close- 538 wins

Brazil was the only team whose destiny could have changed the rankings. Even though overall numbers will change the rankings are set; and as dingo is going on vacation it is prudent to publish the rankings. 538 won but it was extremely close at the end:


1. 538: 371.2

2. Sporting Index (pre-tourney): 372.7

3. Infostrada (@SimonGleave): 379.8

4. Elo: 382.8

5. Goalimpact: 445.4


Markets and everyone else clustered similarly at the end. Goalimpcat was a bit off but a couple more surprises would have made him a contender as well.


How did dingo do?


Argentina bet: -2.75pts

Japan bet: +8.75 pts

Italy bet: +21.5/2=+10.75 pts

Brazil bet: +1.5/2= +0.75 pts

Total: +17.5   not bad.



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