La Liga Team of The Season

Today La Liga, tomorrow Serie A. I will postpone the weekly until Monday for the CL final and allocate bonus points(to league/CL winners). Also will unveil the dingostats team of the season from top 4:


Keylor Navas 12.8
Juanfran 5.9
Diego Godín 8.4
Pepe 6.6
Mario 5.2
Gareth Bale 10.7
Koke 8.7
Gabi 8.4
Alexis Sánchez 13
Messi 13.3
C.Ronaldo 14.1


I watched Keylor Navas (Levante and Costa Rica) once and was impressed. Now I am a lot more impressed as I expected Courtois to come up at top. Luckily for us we get to watch both of them in Brazil. I thought the moment Barcelona lost La Liga was when Valdes was injured; and the moment Real lost it? When Ancelotti decided to start D. Lopez instead of Casillas in league games. dingoR suggests if Casillas performed as well in La Liga as he did in CL Real would have ~6 more points.(Not even adjusting for difficulty).

Godin has been great all season long. And Pepe makes the list despite his hair. The back problem is back. Juanfran who I recall from 2002 World Cup still has some gas in the tank(and I have a lot more cliches in my tank).  Mario of Villareal is 23 and looks like a very promising right back.

In midfield 2 A.Madrid players are joined by Bale who performed really well in his debut year in Spain.  Koke, for me, is the star of Atletico Madird team and much more difficult to replace than Diego Costa. Up front we have Alexis, which rumors suggest might move to Juventus. The other 2 need no introductions. C.Ronaldo is the MVP of the season.


Per 90s:

Keylor Navas 0.35
Juanfran 0.17
Mikel San José 0.27
Diego Godín 0.25
Coke 0.17
Bale 0.47
R.Garcia 0.32
Koke 0.28
Alexis Sánchez 0.49
Morata 0.52
C.Ronaldo 0.50


Finally a Bilbao player. 24 year old Mikel San José was at Liverpool between 2007-10. No idea what happened there but he is doing well now. Not enough patience?

Coke replaces Mario with  a very underwhelming 0.17 pts per 90. Raul Garcia replaces his teammate Gabi in midfield. Up front Morata has an amazing p90 score but that tends to happen with substitute forwards. Also His name sounds like Burrata which makes me hungry.








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