dingoR Bundesliga Team of the Season

England on Monday, Italy yesterday and Germany today.  Next week we’ll dingoR Italy and Spain and reveal our best of Europe squad. Sorry France, according to dingoC you are not near these 4 as far as quality. # of teams in top 40:(top 32 gets 1, and 33-40 gets .5)


. #Teams
Spa 7.5
Eng 7.0
Germ 6.0
Ita 5.0
Por 2.5
Fra 2.5
Rus 2.0
Ukr 1.0
Ned 1.0
Gre 1.0
Swi 0.5


Let’s focus on Bundesliga for now, admittedly a league I do not follow as much as the other 3. So there were few interesting names on the list for me. First points gained by player:


Neuer 11.1
Rodriguez 6.2
Matip 6.7
Knoche 5.7
Verhaegh 4.3
Olic 8.2
Müller 8.3
Raffael 10.6
Mandzukic 12.4
Aubameyang 9.5
Lewandowski 9


Mandzukic is MVP but it will be interesting to see if Lewandowski will surpass him next year with Bayern’s supporting cast. Raffael who plays for Gladbach had a career season. Olic, the second Croatian on the list has been more consistent throughout the years. In the back; a lot have been told about Rodriguez in stats community; and dingoR agrees. Great talent and only 21. Matip could have played for Germany as  he was born there but chose to represent Cameroon instead.  Knoche the 3rd Wolfsburg player on the list is 21 and yet to be capped. Finally Verhaegh of Augsburg is our right back but his total points is pretty low; let’s call him best of a mediocre group. How about points per 90:


Neuer 0.36
Wendt 0.27
Matip 0.22
Süle 0.21
Piszczek 0.21
Ribery 0.4
Müller 0.35
Gotze 0.39
Mandzukic 0.55
Aubameyang 0.44
Lasogga 0.36


Neuer is still Neuer. But 3 of 4 from the back change. Wendt of Sweden and Gladbach replaces Rodriguez. Süle of Hoffenheim is only 19. Piszczek should me familiar to most fans as he is been performing at a high level for few years in Dortmund. Ribery and Gotze replace Olic and Raffael and make the midfield a Bayern affair. Up top Lasogga of Hamburg is a very promising 21 year old; Bundesliga fans might enjoy more of him next year if his team can succeed in staying up.

In transfer news Sidney Sam who had 0.35 pts per 90(no.9 in all Bundesliga) for Leverkusen already signed for Schalke. Leverkusen replaced him with  Nurnberg’s best player Drmic (.24 pts but for a relegation team-no.26).




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