EPL dingoR Teams of the Season

All the EPL teams have been dingoR’ed using a minimum 19 games filter. Team of the season with dingoR allocated points gained by player are below. Basically it tells us how many point the player was responsible for. An average player who plays all the games is responsible for ~4.8 points. Numbers below are total numbers and not adjusted p90.


Howard 9.9
Coleman 6.8
Skrtel 10
Fonte 7.5
Ward 5.1
Yaya 13.1
Gerrard 9.7
Ramsey 8.7
Rooney 9.8
Suarez 16.9
Sturridge 11.5


Not too many surprises except for Ward who plays for Crystal Palace. He can play on both sides and has been very decent. Yet we have to point that even though he is the most valuable left back in EPL he is 42nd on MVP list. We need more left backs people.  How about p90?


Howard 0.27
Coleman 0.19
Skrtel 0.28
Fonte 0.21
Azpilicueta 0.17
Yaya 0.4
Cabaye 0.3
Ramsey 0.44
Aguero 0.5
Suarez 0.51
Sturridge 0.46


Aguero replaces Rooney upfront. Cabaye whose departure left Newcastle purposeless squeezes in as Gerrard slips yet again. Azpilicueta has the highest performence per minute for any left back and that should not surprise anyone. The rest of the team is same as above.

How about the worst team. No commentary just look at this hall of shame:(these are overall numbers and not p90). A nice combo of Fulham, Newcastle and Sunderland players.

Stekelenburg -0.5
Celustka 0.7
Brown -0.7
Hangeland 0.7
Riise 0.1
Kasami -0.8
Sh.Ameobi -1.1
Pozuelo -0.9
Townsend -1
Altidore -0.8
Cissé -1





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