Official Statement on “Belgrade Challenge” to Sandeman Key

An official statement from Committee for Integrity and Continuity of the Sandeman Key:


As the Committee for Integrity and Continuity of the Sandeman Key(CICSK) we have found it necessary to inform the public about an official inquiry into the historical continuity of the key in 1960’s. An important researcher from Belgrade, Mr.Andjelic has come forth with information suggesting Sandeman Key should have stayed in Yugoslavia once Partizan beat Nantes on Sep .22nd  1965. On October 17th, 1965 Vojvodina beat Partizan 3-2.  As Sandeman Key was not sanctioned by the Yugoslav Football Federation at the time the official key was passed onto Werder Bremen on Nov.17th of the same year. Diligent research by volunteers has shown if Yugoslav Federation of the time has sanctioned the results currently Sunderland would be the key holder. (as of 04/21/14)

The aforementioned challenge has been analyzed by the appropriate subcommittees. According to  governing laws of CICSK, the decision of the Yugoslav Federation at the time has been detrimental and therefore the progression of the esteemed Sandeman Key will NOT be changed per new information.

We would like to thank all the interested parties for their understanding in this matter especially Mr. Andjelic of Belgrade. CICSK would like to show its gratitude by bestowing the Honorary Doctorate of Sandeman Key to him. Thank you Dr. Andjelic.




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