What to Watch- Weekday Edition

All 3 lineal titles changed hands over the weekend. Chelsea which lost the dingoB to Aston Villa last month got it back from Stoke and is facing PSG this week.Bournemouth also has a midweek game.This is the 3rd time Galatasaray won the Sandeman Key(2008-1 week, 2013-1 month).

Lineal Table:

Helmond Cup DingoB Sandeman
Holder Bournemouth Chelsea Galatasaray
Next Opp Reading(H) PSG(H) Sivasspor(A)
Date  8-Apr 8-Apr 12-Apr


What to Watch:

04/08/14- Tuesday

2:45pm Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid: 85.3

2:45pm Chelsea vs PSG: 86.6


2:45pm Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona: 92.3

2:45pm Bayern München vs Manchester United: 80.9


3:05pm Juventus vs Olympique Lyonnais: 30.8

3:05pm Valencia vs Basel: 33.0

3:05pm Sevilla vs Porto: 69.1



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