The man who beats the man who beats the man…

I am not much of a boxing fan. What little I know is derived from watching Rocky IV four thousand times or so. I think “If he dies, he dies” is one of the best movie quotes along with “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” and “Turn those machines back on”. But, why sudden foray into boxing?

We have a situation in our hands with lineal titles that is very similar to the archaic structure of boxing with multiple  organizations awarding titles. According to Wiki there are 5 major titles in boxing.(WBA,WBC, IBF, WBO, The Ring). In soccer, currently, we have 3 competing titles all started at different times with slightly different rules with different tile holders. You can read about the upstart dingoB here. And I wrote about the amazing story of Sandeman Key yesterday. There is also Helmond Cup which was started by fans of Dutch second tier club Helmond Sport in 2007.

Below is a table explaining all the differences among the titles:

Helmond Cup dingoB Sandeman
Start 2007 2013 1939
Relegation Y N Y
Holder Wigan Aston Villa Fenerbahce
Rank Points Games Years
Highest Rank Barcelona Bayern Barca, Sporting
Next Opp Watford(H) Stoke(H) Gaziantepspor (A)
L League
EC European Cup
ESC European Super Cup
DC Domestic Cups

Basically Helmond Cup’s main difference from others is that it counts cup games. dingoB on the other hand  does not allow relegation;and if a team gets relegated the title remains vacant until that team returns or no.1 and no.2 in my weekly dingoT weekly ratings play a proper title game(whichever comes first). Obviously titles can be unified at some point but due to different set of rules un-unified later as well. And I wonder if we will ever see an “Undisputed Champion”.

All 3 titles have a way of keeping track of the all time most successful clubs. In the case of Helmond Cup it is number of points in title games(they also keep track of goalscorers, etc). dingoB just counts number of games the title has been  successfully defended. Currently Bayern leads with 11 followed by Man City at 10. And Sandeman Key counts the holders of the title each July 1st. Barcelona and Sporting have 5 each.

I will be posting the above table every Friday with my weekly team ranking(dingoT) and what to watch games for the week  so that all can keep track of the whereabouts of lineal titles.


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