What to Watch 03/17-03/20 and introducing dingoB

This was going to be the most exciting edition ever for Galatasaray fans like myself. I decided to award a Dingo Burrito Award. (or dingoB -thanks @altmandaniel). Dingo will buy the winner team’s players  @fivethirtyeight’s data driven best burritos winner. Competition ends in 2078.

I am sure this idea has occurred to many others before; rather than playing cups or leagues; what if soccer was like boxing and there was a tittle holder. This has already been done for countries here. Check the link out;someone is building an industry around this.

Question then becomes when to start? We could go back to first club game ever somewhere in Britain and track who the current holder would be (probably will take forever) or we can just take the team that was no.1 in Europe when dingostats was born last October. We’ll go with the second choice. Luckily Bayern was not only the CL holder then but would have led in dingoT as well. So if Bayern was the dingoB on October 15, 2013 who is the holder now?

Since I am making the rules no domestic cup games will be counted and if a team gets relegated the title will be split into 2(eg. dingoB and dingoC for Chalupas) so that we have a chaotic structure like  boxing in few years:

Date Team #Days
10/15/13 Bayern 56
12/10/13 Man City 55
2/3/14 Chelsea 40
3/15/14 A. Villa 2

Yes; Aston Villa fans you are the current dingoB holder. Congrats!

Well Galatasaray game is still worth watching:


3:45pm Chelsea vs Galatasaray: 75.2 (ok it is 51.2 but…)

3:45pm Real Madrid vs Schalke 04: 49.5


3:45pm Borussia Dortmund vs Zenit: 45.4

3:45pm Manchester United vs Olympiakos Piraeus: 62.2



2:00pm Benfica vs Tottenham Hotspur: 50.3

2:00pm Fiorentina vs Juventus: 72.9

2:00pm Viktoria Plzeň vs Olympique Lyonnais: 9.7

4:05pm Napoli vs Porto: 66.3

4:05pm Salzburg vs Basel: 17.3

Enjoy it Villa fans.


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