A Short Post on dingoR- Sevilla

I have not explained dingoR much. And this post will not reveal much either.I just wanted to post this to show how I use it. Basically I convert dingoR’s to points at the end of the day. For Sevilla(before this week’s game) dingoR allocated points matched real points perfectly. This is not always(or rarely as so close matched) the case there are teams who do much better/ worse than dingoR allocations. Then the question becomes is dingoR missing something(goals difference to points is an obvious one) or is this team just lucky/unlucky and we should not be expecting similar results going forward.

Sevilla Points Allocated by Player(13-14 after 26 games)

Carlos Bacca FW 5.8
Ivan Rakitic M(C) 5.7
Federico Fazio D(C),DM(C) 3.4
Kevin Gameiro FW 3.1
Beto GK 3.0
Coke D(R) 2.7
Vitolo AM(LR) 2.5
Fernando Navarro D(CL) 2.2
Alberto Moreno D(L),M(L) 2.2
Stéphane Mbia D(C),DM(C) 1.8
Vicente Iborra DM(C) 1.6
Daniel Carriço D(C),DM(C) 1.0
Nicolás Pareja D(C) 1.0
Diego Perotti AM(CLR) 0.9
Diogo Figueiras D(R) 0.8
Sebastián Cristóforo DM(C) 0.5
José Antonio Reyes AM(CLR) 0.4
Marko Marin AM(CLR),FW 0.0
Piotr Trochowski M(CLR) -0.2
Jairo AM(LR) -0.2
Cala D(C) -0.3
  Sum 38.0
  Sevilla Pts 38.0
  Error 0.0

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