Weekly dingoT- Sevilla- WtW

Here we go. New and improved top 40 dingoT. Starting this week I will also spotlight one team that makes a rather big move in the rankings with dingoRs. This week it is Sevilla. Last week it was out of top 36 and now it breaks into the billboard bubble at number 34. First last week and this week’s rankings:

2/28/2014     3/7/2014  
1-Bayern 140.3 1-Bayern 140.1
2-Barcelona 132.9 2-Barcelona 132.7
3-RealMadrid 131.8 3-RealMadrid 131.4
4-Chelsea 114.7 4-ManCity 114.6
5-Dortmund 113.6 5-Chelsea 114.5
6-ManCity 113.3 6-Dortmund 113.7
7-Atlético 111.2 7-Atlético 110.9
8-ParisSG 108.8 8-ParisSG 110.6
9-Juventus 108.1 9-Juventus 109.8
10-ManUnited 107.3 10-Liverpool 107.2
11-Liverpool 106.9 11-Arsenal 105.0
12-Arsenal 105.5 12-ManUnited 104.7
13-Benfica 98.6 13-Benfica 99.5
14-Napoli 95.7 14-Shakhtar 96.4
15-Shakhtar 95.6 15-Tottenham 94.9
16-Roma 95.0 16-Roma 94.8
17-Porto 95.0 17-Porto 94.2
18-Tottenham 94.7 18-Napoli 93.5
19-Olympiakos 94.2 19-Everton 92.8
20-Leverkusen 91.0 20-Olympiakos 91.7
21-Everton 91.0 21-Salzburg 90.6
22-Salzburg 90.2 22-Leverkusen 90.4
23-Valencia 89.6 23-Schalke 89.4
24-Bilbao 88.1 24-Bilbao 89.3
25-Wolfsburg 88.0 25-Zenit 88.1
26-Schalke 88.0 26-Wolfsburg 87.4
27-Sociedad 87.9 27-Valencia 87.3
28-Zenit 85.6 28-Villarreal 86.8
29-Milan 85.3 29-Sociedad 85.6
30-Gladbach 84.6 30-Milan 85.1
31-Villarreal 84.5 31-Gladbach 83.6
32-Fiorentina 83.0 32-Fiorentina 83.4
33-Monaco 82.8   33-Ajax 82.5
34-Ajax 80.6   34-Sevilla 82.1
35-SpartaPraha 79.0   35-Monaco 81.1
36-Galatasaray 77.9   36-SpartakMoskva 80.1
      37-SpartaPraha 78.9
      38-Galatasaray 78.6
      39-Hertha 78.4
      40-CSKAMoskva 78.3



Not much to say.Top is still very similar to last week. It is good to see that ManU is finally coming down in rankings. Napoli has not been performing well in Serie A and is getting punished as a result. If EPL and La Liga races are not exciting enough for you CL spot races in Bundesliga and La Liga might also be of interest as most of those teams competing for those spots(only 1 in La Liga, and possibly 3 in Bundesliga) are up for grabs.


Spotlight: Sevilla

I always had a soft spot for Sevilla. Years ago while vacationing in Spain I watched(on TV) a Sevilla-Betis derby while they were both in Segunda. So it was nice to see them to break into the dingoT while gaining 4.3 points. They beat no.27 Real Sociedad over the weekend and increased their chances of European soccer next season. Also there is Sevilla-Betis derby next week but this time in Europe League. Mr. dingoR :

Top 3 dingoR (min 10 games)


Ivan Rakitic M(C) 118.4
Federico Fazio D(C),DM(C) 117.7
Carlos Bacca FW 115.0


Rakitic is well known by now; apparently target of many bigger clubs and valued $27m by transfermarkt. His rating would have been higher if he has not missed 3 penalties this season. He is an exceptional midfielder who performs well defending and attacking. Fazio is an Argentinian defender who has been one of the few shining lights in Sevilla defense this year. He has been in Sevilla for the last 7 years but only is 26. Carlos Bacca gives hope to Colombians who are concerned about Falcao’s injury. After a bargain move to Belgium in 2012; Sevilla snatched him last summer for $9.5m and is definitely worth more now.


Bottom 3 dingoR (min 10 games)


Diogo Figueiras D(R) 81.8
Daniel Carriço D(C),DM(C) 82.2
Jairo AM(LR) 82.8


First of all; I have no idea who these guys are. 22 year old Diogo Figuerias moved to Sevilla 2 years ago and has been playing more of a midfielder role lately with excellent Coke(112.7) covering the back. So far it has not been working for the young Portugese but due to his age we can give him more time. Another Portguese Daniel Carriço is on loan from Reading seems to be preferred choice in defensive midfield while the team has much better options in Cristóforo(102.4) , Mbia(109.5-injured)and Iborra (101.9). He should not be playing. We’ll give Jairo a pass for now as he is very young(20) and has been played in 3 different positions this year.

Overall Sevilla has a decent team with 9 players over 100.0 dingoR’s  Yet, it is stars like Rakitic and Bacca that make the difference for them . I am afraid, given Spanish economic malaise, they will not be able to hold on to them for long, especially Rakitic which would be an excellent fit for ManU.

Country Rankings were posted 2 days ago and nothing changed. So…

Finally what to watch this weekend:

03/08/2014- Saturday

7:45am West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United: 28.9

7:45am Arsenal vs Everton (FA Cup): 53.3

9:30am Wolfsburg vs Bayern München: 70.2

12:30pm Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur: 67.8


7:30am Juventus vs Fiorentina: 49.5

12:30pm Mainz 05 vs Hertha BSC: 21.7

3:45pm Napoli vs Roma: 74.9

4:00pm Valencia vs Athletic Club: 59.1










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