What To Watch- 02/28-03/03 & Another Rating!

My top 10 team rankings has proven to be extremely popular. (especially with me).So I decided to extend them and create dingoT. Every week(or month) I will post top 32 teams in Europe as well as the next 4 which are knocking on the door. (bubble 4) with a rating system similar to dingoR and dingdoNg. What’s the methodology?

It is a composite ranking of different rankings I use.(some forward looking; some historical like clubelo) Formula is dynamic; that is changes as season progresses.  I hope to use dingoR one day as well but not all leagues can be rated yet.

Here we go:

1-Bayern 140.3
2-Barcelona 132.9
3-RealMadrid 131.8
4-Chelsea 114.7
5-Dortmund 113.6
6-ManCity 113.3
7-Atlético 111.2
8-ParisSG 108.8
9-Juventus 108.1
10-ManUnited 107.3
11-Liverpool 106.9
12-Arsenal 105.5
13-Benfica 98.6
14-Napoli 95.7
15-Shakhtar 95.6
16-Roma 95.0
17-Porto 95.0
18-Tottenham 94.7
19-Olympiakos 94.2
20-Leverkusen 91.0
21-Everton 91.0
22-Salzburg 90.2
23-Valencia 89.6
24-Bilbao 88.1
25-Wolfsburg 88.0
26-Schalke 88.0
27-Sociedad 87.9
28-Zenit 85.6
29-Milan 85.3
30-Gladbach 84.6
31-Villarreal 84.5
32-Fiorentina 83.0


And the bubble 4:

33-Monaco 82.8
34-Ajax 80.6
35-Sparta Praha 79.0
36-Galatasaray 77.9




There are 3 big gaps. First is between Bayern and rest (7.4pts).  Bayern is currently considered one of the best teams of all time. Then comes the game between Barca/RM duo and the group  of elite teams that start with Chelsea (17.1pts). This is a very big gap indeed and shows RM and Barca are actually are much closer to Bayern than to other big teams. Last gap is between no.12 Arsenal and the rest. 9 teams that rank from 4th to 12th (5  EPL teams) are dominant but more vulnerable to join the ranks of more worldly teams below. 3 of these 9 is “new money”(Chelsea, Man City, PSG). And Man Utd is still up there for some reason I can’t explain.

So what’s the best league? I decided to use following points:


Winner 21
Finalist 13
SF 8
QF 5
R of 16 3
Group 2
Bubble 1


So list looks like:

#Teams #Points
Spa 7.0 34
Germ 6.0 34
Eng 7.0 26
Ita 5.0 13
Fra 1.5 6
Por 2.0 5
Ukr 1.0 3
Gre 1.0 2
Aus 1.0 2
Rus 1.0 2
Ned 0.5 1
Cze 0.5 1
Tur 0.5 1


La Liga wins by tie breaker- more teams in top 32+bubble.


Let’s move on to dingoW’s:

03/01/14- Saturday

9:30am Bayer Leverkusen vs Mainz 05: 14.1

12:30pm Southampton vs Liverpool: 74.1 (L’pool gets extra 10 points, fun to watch)

12:30pm Bayern München vs Schalke 04: 43.6

2:45pm Roma vs Internazionale: 28.0


11:00am Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid: 94.3!!!

2:45pm Milan vs Juventus: 76.0







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