What to Watch 02/11-02/13

I was asked by few how the teams were ranked for dingoW and what methodology I used to decide on the score. Without getting into too much detail I use a composite ranking from different sources.The methodology is such that higher teams’ games are ranked higher but less so if they far apart in rankings.And at the end there are some adjustments for importance of game, etc. Here is my top 10 as of today:

1- Bayern


3-Real Madrid

4- Man. City

5- Chelsea

6- B.Dortmund

7- Atletico Madrid

8- Juventus

9- Liverpool


and midweek games:


2:45pm Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Dortmund: 47.7

3:00pm West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea: 23.8

3:00pm Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid: 68.2



2:30pm Hamburger SV vs Bayern München :1.6

2:45pm Arsenal vs Manchester United:84.6

2:45pm Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur: 35.2

2:45pm Napoli vs Roma: 50.6

4:00pm Real Sociedad vs Barcelona: 48.3










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