What to Watch- Feb 5/Feb 10

Sometime this week, I will dingoR the transfer window, I hope. In mean time watch these:

02/05 Wednesday 

2:00pm Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid: 82.0

2:45pm   Roma vs Napoli: 49.2

4:00pm Barcelona vs Real Sociedad: 1.2


02/06 Thursday

 Book reading day. Finish chapter 2.


02/07 Friday

2:30pm Borussia M’gladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen: 56.8


02/08 Saturday

7:45am Liverpool vs Arsenal: 83.9

9:30am Nürnberg vs Bayern München: 26.8

2:00pm Real Madrid vs Villarreal: 54.9

2:45pm Napoli vs Milan: 52.5


02/09 Sunday

8:30am Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton : 55.0

9:00am Lazio vs Roma: 51.7

9:30am Stuttgart vs Augsburg: 2.8

1:00pm Benfica vs Sporting CP: 26.5

3:00pm Monaco vs PSG: 76.6

3:00pm Sevilla vs Barcelona: 44.3


02/10 Monday

Chapters 3 and 4.





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