What to Watch-Jan 31/Feb3

Last 5 games we ranked high on dingoW produced 20 goals, that’s 4 per game for the arithmetically challenged audience.You are welcome, I will take all the credit. Before moving on to the weekend edition just want to write down(to prevent my own procrastination) what to look forward to on this blog in February. First will be dingoR’ing the transfers for major leagues; then team by team analysis of NBA around All Star break.  Highest game  on each day highlighted.

01/31 Friday

Nada. Read a book. Seriously.


02/01 Saturday

9.30 AM Schalke-Wolfsburg: 38.4

10 AM Barcelona-Valencia: 48.0

12.30 PM Hannover- M’gladbach; 1.5


02/02 Sunday

1:00 PM Atletico-Sociedad: 9.2

2:45 PM Juventus-Inter: 48.7

3:00 PM Bilbao-Real Madrid: 72.0


02/03 Monday

3:00 PM Man. City- Chelsea :83.7


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