Public Service

dingoR is back with a new rating. At the end of the year I will rate all my ratings as well. This one is dingoR watch-ability score. Every week so many games are played all around and which ones should we watch? Using odds based team ratings and very slight personal input, we introduce dingoW which is extremely precise. Highest game possible is 100 points and there are many games that have  negative scores. Anything over 75 means you have to cancel your appointments and over  85 suggests you have to take a sick day. So let’s have a look at midweek fixtures which is kind of blah since everyone will be watching these games anyways. 3 games from EPL and 1 from Bundes Bundes:(all times NYC)

01/28 Tues 2:45 PM  S’hmapton-Arsenal:57.2

01/28 Tues 3:00 PM  Liverpool-Everton: 74.5

01/29 Wed 2:00 PM Stuttgart-Bayern: 34.8

01/29 Wed 2:00 PM Ath. Bilbao- Atl.Madrid: 67.1

01/29 Wed 3:00 PM Spurs-ManCity: 81.6


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