A new King in Town(NBA not Soccer!!!)

A very quick post before I go on a hiatus for about 2 weeks as I will be travelling. I improved(well-let’s say I changed) my NBA model and first results I have seen have been promising as far as predictions go. No predictions today or a while(perhaps until next season) but here are the NBA dingoR MVP’s/MUP’s so far. No surprises except for KD taking over Lebron. And also 2nd worst player so far is Cavs’ Bennett. Ok he’s young but couldn’t he at least be average? Again this not a ranking by dingoR  but total contribution rankings so a better dingoR player who played less will get punished.


Enes Kanter 79.5
Kelly Olynyk 68.9
Ben McLemore 76.2
Anthony Bennett 49.5
Ekpe Udoh 67.1


Kevin Durant 155.8
LeBron James 146.8
Chris Paul 146.0
Kevin Love 141.5
Paul George 133.8

See you in a couple of weeks.


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