Le Dingo

After the disappointing  result of Juve-Roma game which made the second half of Serie A much less interesting Dingo decided to drown his sorrows in Chateau Dingo-1978. Unfortunately the bar he frequents did not have that spirit since 1969(ok- I’ll give you 30 seconds to put on Hotel California before continuing with the rest of the post). Instead he decided to have a look at the first half the French season. In the manner of MLS and Brazilian League I only looked at top 100 players @ WhoScored (Falcao is not one of them). I will only post the MVPs and team of the first half:


1-Enyeama(Lille): I was very happy when I came up with a method to rate goalies. Then today I looked at Enyeama’s numbers and was suddenly thrown into the middle of an existential crisis so deep that only words I could come up at Words with Friends were l’ennuie and la chute. Then I gathered myself; his numbers are really godly which justifies his 180’s dingoR. Only conceded 8 goals despite facing 3 shots a game, that is an incredible stat by itself. Only if Camus was a goalie he could have grasped the meaning of this.

2/3- Zlatan and Cavani(PSG): But how are they going to play together? asked everyone 4 months a go. They answered  “very well”. Not much more to say.

11 of the 1/2 Season: Lots of names I did not know, some hopefully will move to EPL ( Newcastle I mean)

GK: Enyeama (Lille)

Def: Perrin(St Etienne) Djilobodji(Nantes) Basa(Lille) Souaré (Lille) 

Mid: Hamouma(St Etienne)  Sertic(Bordeaux) Kadir(Rennes)

Fwd: Zlatan(PSG) Gignac(OM) Cavani(PSG)

Of these 25 year old Djilobodji is wanted by Chelsea and Borussia. And Gignac for Arsenal?


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