Let’s continue where we left off:

Manchester United: Even last year Manchester United was a lopsided team with 3 of its highest rated players (Rooney, RVP and Kagawa) being attacking players. This year Welbeck(125.1) replaced Kagawa but Rooney(124.8) and RVP(123.7) are still rated as highest. So how do we explain Moyes’ s 99 problems?  There is a big drop in the performance of mortals from star and above average levels to above average and average: Vidic(109.3), Evans(101.4), Jones(100.2) …..  all dropped by 10 or more. Januzaj(100.0) is promising but average at this very early stage of his career. Kagawa(127.1 last year) should play more, and Valencia(79.2) much less.

Newcastle United: Last year this team did not look good. Cabaye(129.9) was the only star level player and he improved this year from (110.9). Addition of Remy was crucial and he has not disappointed (114.6).  The real surprise has been Gouffran though who improved from 96.1 to 117.9. They are currently outperforming their dingoR ratings, especially considering few of their players are quite weak especially Anita(85.1) and Ameobi(80.6). Krul(102.8)’s improvement from 91.8 also helped. Maybe 9th?

Norwich: Boring team to watch. Boring team to analyze.  Hooper(106.6) and Whittaker(111.1) are decent. Snodgrass(67.1) is horrible. Most of their defense is in 80’s which spells trouble. GK Ruddy(90.4) is not much of a help either. I would like them to go down but it is going to be close.

Southampton: A darling of stats community. Apparently they sleep more and win games due to that. When Dingo sleeps ,only thing he wins is  accusation of laziness by Mrs.Dingo. Defensive pairing of Lovren(125.8) and Fonte(121.8) have been amazing. Lallana(109.8) and Rodriguez(111.6) also get good night’s rest . Luke Shaw(77.5) is the odd man out. Insomniac.We can expect more of the same.

Stoke: I propose EPL go down to 18 or 16 teams. So many teams are uninspiring. I’ll take Cradiff and its president over these bores any day. Charlie Adam (111.5) is good, rest is not. Marc Wilson has a very generic name but a non-generic performance that goes with it. (57.2). Yes , 57.2. Begovic(103.9) is good but not Man City good. Somehow this team is not a candidate for relegation.

Sunderland: Not one player over 100. Part of that because they were managed by a crazy man for the first few games. Altidore(90.5) reminds people again about the dangers of Dutch League stats. Also for having bought 12 players; it is astonishing that they did not decide to replace Mignolet and let Westwood(78.1) start. It gives us hope that he is not playing anymore. Relegation is possible and probable.

Swansea: It was nice to Michu(120.1) in 12/13. What happened to him? (99.7 in 13/14) Chico(111.1) is still the good old Chico, and Dyer(112.9) is their MVP.  We already talked about Alex Pozuelo(67.9) in part-1. Europa League has been a strain on this team perhaps.  With Bony(101.1) improving lately middle of mid-table looks like their comfort zone.

Spurs: Ok. You sell your best player and buy a bunch of players, some of them extremely high-rated.(Lamela, Soldado and Capoue) Then your coach(es) decides not not to play 2 of 3 . Third one performs very average, Soldado(100.6). Instead of playing your best players you obsess over youngsters Townsend(73.9) and Bentaleb(NA but bad). Well Spurs, you deserve to frustrate your fans. They need a coach who can have them play 3-5-2, seriously, with so many good central players why not? Sherwood looking less and less like the right choice.

WBA: dingoR-wise they are outperforming themselves. Points wise not so much, which is good news for my relegation % prediction. Brunt(115.3) and McAuley(109.4) are the starts of the team. Sessegnon(90.6) definitely not. I am hoping for a little mean reversion.

West Ham: Joe Cole(123.2) is the superstar of the team, but can’t keep it up at this level. Reid(109.8) was very good as usual before he got injured. Carroll’s injury is hurting them as C.Cole and Maiga(95.0) are both below average. Too many players under 90 but Demel(79.8) and O’Brien(78.9) deserve special mention. Buying a forward or 2 is a must to avoid relegation.

Coming soon: Other leagues and transfers. A little sleep now.


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