EPL/2 -I*

Do you know how to read descriptive bibliographies?

4°: A2B-C4D2  


Unless you are interested in rare books like Dr. Dingo(Professor of dingoR) there is no need for you to know or learn. dingoR or other models that try to explain extremely popular sports by code. That puts most of us, sports stats/analytics enthusiasts in the same boat as bibliophiles. We have a certain language, certain codes that we make up or borrow from other sports over time and to an uninitiated person it might look like the bibliography above.  Then the goal of the blogs becomes dechyphering what that code is and explain what we are trying to do to general public. There are sites such as stastbomb.com which does that kind of explaining much better than dingostats. But what dingostats does best is give meaningless awards based on dingoR!

19 games have been played; anyone who has played at least 10 games have been dingoR’ed.

Oh jeez, Louise MVP Award: Luis Suarez. Incredible first half. All the awards in this section will be based on total contribution and not per minute dingoR. So it is quite an achievement to win this award by only playing 14 games. If he can keep this up his current season would be higher than any season CR7 had in the last 5 years, only to be surpassed by 2 Messi seasons.

Saboteur MUP Award: This is given to the most unvaluable player. The name shocked me, as the recipient was decent last year.(Not as much as media hyped but still quite good) Christian Benteke. I actually went back in and checked the numbers by hand to make sure he was this bad. Numbers do not lie. 14 games 4 goals(1 penalty), 2 missed penalties, extremely high turnover rate, almost zero defensive contribution. I would say he wants to move to a bigger club.

Is he on steroids? MIP Award: Given to the most improved player. Aaron Ramsey. From being a below average player last year to the 2nd highest contributor this year. Can steroids improve shot accuracy? Joke.

We love Spaniards here Award: Given to the best player who was recently transferred to EPL from another country.  Alvaro Negredo. Almost all Man City players pose problems for dingoR(Spurs as well) because of the huge goal difference, if I had more time/data I would introduce PIG/PIGGY into dingoR valuing actions(not only goals but everything) that happen when games are close more than those when games are 3-0, 4-0 etc.

We hate Spaniards here Award: Just like above but the worst one. I have no idea who this guy is. Alex Pozuelo of Swansea. After getting Michu and other useful players from Spain. Laudrup might have gone overboard with La Liga. Wenger only recently broke his habit of buying the best French players he can find and hoping that they perform like the Henry generation. Same will happen to La Liga  at some point and Laudrup might be the Wenger then. Both Pozuelo and Alvaro(another Swansea import from La Liga) are way below average. On the bright side they are still young.

Welcome to EPL Award:  Given to the best player in a newly promoted team. Jordan Mutch of Cardiff. Very efficient, and only 22.

Team of the First Half: (3-4-1-2)

GK: No idea.

DF: Mertesacker- Lovren- Skertl

MF: Coleman- Ramsey- Yaya- Gouffran

AM/F: Rooney

FW: Suarez -Aguero


Soon team by team analysis with dingoR’s.






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