Semper Idem

While waiting for the first halves of the seasons to be over in EPL and Serie A I decided to look at the Brazilian League. As the January transfer window approaches there will be a seasonal migration of Brazilians coming over to Europe soon. Rather than act like an old amateur ornithologist (usually a Brit) who stops a truck full of tourists on a safari to figure out what type of stoke they just came across, I’d rather be ready and have my dingoR’s handy for the transfer season.

In the interest of time I took the top 100 players in WhoScored and dingoR’ed them for the 2012-13 season that just ended. First the MVP’s: (MVP is total contribution without position adjustment rather than per minute)

Éderson Atletico PR FW
Cícero Santos FC M(CL)
Nílton Cruzeiro DM(C)

Congratulations. How about top 10 dingoR(ated) players:

Éderson Atletico PR FW 131.2
Cícero Santos FC M(CL) 130.9
Mayke Cruzeiro D(R) 129.4
Gustavo Henrique Santos FC D(C) 128.5
Paulo Baier Atletico PR AM(C) 128.4
Nílton Cruzeiro DM(C) 127.5
Bruno Rodrigo Cruzeiro D(C) 125.5
Willian Cruzeiro AM(L) 123.8
Dedé Cruzeiro D(C) 122.9
Alex Coritiba AM(C) 121.7

I do not think I watched any Brazilian soccer this year so rather than provide any insights of my own; I checked(googled) to see if any of these players are coming over to Europe this winter:

Ederson: 24 year old forward. Both prolific(21 goals) and efficient. Reportedly Lazio and Milan(Seedorf’s recommendation) are interested.  Worth 750K euros according to TMarkt which I am sure is off.

Cicero: 29 year old ex Bundesliga player. He was above average in his last season with Wolfsburg 3 years ago before returning to Brazil. Another switch to Europe unlikely.

Mayke: 21 year old right back. Looks like an amazing prospect; tough to get good backs in general. Smallish sample. Started only 14 games and subbed in for 7.  Brazilian sources claim Benfica made an offer for ~$6.5m. Would be a bargain.

Gustavo Henrique: 20 year old, tall central defender who also plays for Brazil u20.  Perhaps another season or two in Brazil might help.

Paulo Baier: 39 (yes thirty-nine) year old player who never left Brazil. Maybe MLS?

Nilton: 26 year old defensive midfielder should be an ideal candidate to move over to Europe but no rumors so far.

Bruno Rodrigo: 28 year old who also never left Brazil. He just extended his contract with champions Cruzeiro for 3 years.

Willian: 27 year old was on loan from Metalist Kharkiv for the season. He scored 15 goals in 25 games in Ukraine as well, proving he can succeed in Europe. If he is for sale ,European teams should be salivating.

Dede: 26 year old also played for Brazil 9 times. According to reports Galatasaray:), Milan, Juventus and Chelsea are interested. Galatasaray is also reported to have agreed to terms with left back Alex Telles(21 year old-no.51 on the list) and considering Gremio’s central defender Rhodolfo (the red nose) no.13.

Alex: 36 year old played 8 years for Fenerbahce so I know him well. He scored 136 goals in 245 games in Turkey and Dingo was relieved when he left Fenerbahce after a disagreement with the president of the club. It is nice to see that he is still performing at a very high level. Was capped 48 times for Brazil.

Any comments or corrections @dingosports.





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