Dingo does MLS

Happy days in America. First of all it’s Thanksgivukkah. Then it’s MLS MVP award season. For those of you who have a life MLS is the professional soccer league in the US and A. Dingo is a proud season ticket holder to his local team; but he is also proud to add that he has not been to a single game this season. The games are often zzzzz and the playoff system does not help.

MLS Final is in few days and the league announced 3 finalists for MVP. Two of them are very familiar to European soccer fans; Robbie Keane and Marco Di Vaio. Third one is Mike Magee, 29 year old American forward who had a breakout year.

What does the dingoR say?

dingoR is a “per 90” metric. But when considering MVP I prefer to look at aggregate contribution rather than per 90’s.  Basically I multiply every player’s per minute contribution by the number of minutes they played. Even though both Keane and Magee are high in my ranking (Di Vaio…Not), top 3 are completely different:

1. Camilo (Vancouver Whitecaps)

2. Tim Cahill (NY Red Bulls)

3. Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas)

Not much to say about Cahill. He was considered a flop in his first year at MLS but has recovered fine. It is good to have players like him in MLS from analytical point of view as we can gauge relative strength of MLS vis a vis major European leagues.

Camilo, who I did not know about until today, is a 25 year old Brazilian forward who previously played in Malta(successful) and South Korea(not so much). He won the MLS Golden Boot this year and has a very decent dingoR.

Collin is a 27 year old French defender who previously played in Scotland, Greece, England and Portugal. According to world wide web he is interested in returning to Europe and might be worth a gamble for a small/mid size club in a major European league as his numbers have been very decent in MLS.

Oh hold on, according to other reports on the very same world wide web he has no interest returning to Europe and he is very happy in Kansas City.

Another interesting player to note is Collin’s partner in KC’s defense, 24 year old American Ike Opara. He is the highest rated MLS player in WhoScored and also is rated very high by dingoR.  Like Collin, I would love to see Camilo and Opara transfer to a major European league(any league covered by WhoScored is fine with me) to see how well they perform. If you want to watch Opara and Collin, MLS final is on December 7th when KC will face Real Salt Lake.  




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