Napoli, Dortmund and Dingo

Napoli adding wing(s) backs:

Earlier in the week it was reported that Napoli agreed to terms with Genoa over LB Luca Antonelli’s ($11m- sorry can’t be bothered finding the euro sign, it was 8m euros) move in the winter transfer window. Also earlier in the month Napoli announced that they signed RB Reveillere(free agent). Their current backs Mesto and Zuniga are injured, and having switched from 3 men to a 4 men defense this season, it is understandable that they are a bit thin on that side of the rotation. Antonelli is a great purchase; among 35 or so teams I rated so far(mostly EPL/Serie A) he is one of the best backs to be found anywhere(dingoR of 120.8). It is very difficult to get very good backs according to dingoR; most are average, or worse with few exceptional ones. So put into that context this is would be amazing piece of business if finalized. How about Reveillere who is 34?

Last season he played 27 games with a dingoR of 100.0. I have not done an analysis of age/performance yet but looks to be a a decent option while waiting for Mesto and Zuniga to get better. Either way Zuniga was very weak last year(dingoR:80.5), and Mesto was average(98.7) so we might not see them on the pitch even if they get better.

Der Klassiker

Big news before the Bayern-Dortmund game is that Dortmund is missing most its defensive players due to injury. They signed 34 year old free agent Manuel Friedrich just last week as Subotic went down. What does dingoR say about the missing and their replacements:

On the left 21 year old Durm is set to start instead of Schmelzer. Durm only started 4 games in Bundesliga so dingoR can’t rate him but Schmelzer is the weakest link in Dortmund’s defense. With a dingoR of 79.6 he should be easily replaceable. Even if Durm is average(~100) that would be good news for BVB.

In the middle Subotic (116.7) and Hummels (107.7) are one of the best central pairings in all of Europe. Sokratis who joined from Werder Bremen is a decent replacement for Hummels with a very similar score of 107.5 but I am afraid Friedrich is just average@ 101.5 and might be worse this year due to his age.

On the right loss of Piszcek is a huge blow. He has a star level 119.9 score; his replacement Grosskreutz, who is decent @ 100.4 will struggle to replace him. Overall, Subotic and Piczcek’s absences will hurt Dortmund significantly, but perhaps Durm can make up for them as he replaces not-so-great  Schmelzer on the pitch. Odds of a Dortmund win, which was as high as 40% according to bookies collapsed to 25% as injury news piled up. According to dingoR there is some justification in this move; but there are also a few unknowns which could still make the the game interesting.


I was asked why why my parents named me Dingo. 3 possible explanations:

1- Maybe, the Dingo ate your baby.

2- Goofy the Disney character(dog, cow, what is it?) is called Dingo in some countries

3- There was a Greek gentleman named Dingo in late 19th/early 20th century who owned a stable in central Istanbul where horses for the horsecars(trams) were rested. 



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