Feliz NBA.

Update(10/30) Some more thoughts on the new season.  Teams I am excited to watch this year:

Nets: Kirilienko (aka ak47) is key- his output varies a lot(last year 1st half of the season he was great, 2nd half not so much); I’m not a big fan of Joe Johnson so hopefully more Paul Pierce.

Rockets: Last year when I watched them live against Knicks the ball hardly stopped, not sure how Dwight fits, emphasis mine.

Grizzlies/Pacers : My sleeper teams; only problem is their games also put people to sleep. My model thinks they will be better than last year, so do I.

Bulls: Many teams make too many trades in my opinion. Bulls do not make enough. Boozer and Deng should have been amnestied/traded to make room for a piece or two that would complement Rose/Noah/Butler. My regular season prediction is not as Rose-y as bookies’.

Warriors: I dare them to repeat last year’s amazing performance. Curry can’t keep that up, can he?  If he can with Iguodala on board they will prove me very wrong.

Bullets: I had to double check my numbers to make sure nothing was off in my prediction. On paper they look pretty good with Gortat on board. If Porter turns out to be better than I thought then they can be over .500.

Knicks: Not optimistic at all. I suspect they might trade Chandler(great player) at some point for a center who can score. What a horrible off-season we had with Bargnani trade and Kidd retiring.

Nothing to see here for soccer enthusiasts. I spent most of my free time on NBA this week as new season kicks off tonight.

My model’s predictions and Vegas Lines for regular season wins, first East.As a fan; I’m confident about Nets going over as predicted, less so about Bulls and not at all about Bullets.

Dingo LVH Dif
MIA 63 60 3
BRK 59 52.5 6.5
IND 56 53.5 2.5
CHI 49 56.5 -7.5
NYK 46 49.5 -3.5
ATL 44 40 4
CLE 43 40.5 2.5
TOR 38 36.5 1.5
DET 37 41 -4
WAS 37 42 -5
CHA 31 27.5 3.5
MIL 26 28.5 -2.5
BOS 25 27.5 -2.5
ORL 23 24.5 -1.5
PHI 19 16.5 2.5

And West. Confident about Memphis, Mavs and Warriors.  spRockets not so much

Dingo LVH Dif
LAC 56 57 -1
SAS 56 55.5 0.5
MEM 55 49 6
OKC 53 50.5 2.5
DAL 49 44 5
HOU 49 54.5 -5.5
DEN 47 47 0
GSW 41 49.5 -8.5
NOP 40 40 0
POR 38 38.5 -0.5
MIN 37 41 -4
LAL 34 33.5 0.5
UTA 30 27.5 2.5
SAC 29 31.5 -2.5
PHO 20 21.5 -1.5

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